A Timeline Perspective
Jacob Purdy House and White Plains History 1720 until Present
White Plains Historical Society
Exhibit Overview
Jacob Purdy House History- Upper Timeline
The City of White Plains History - Lower Timeline
Directions: Advance timeline forward by clicking and dragging mouse from right to left along the border timelines (first and fourth). Reverse procedure for moving the timelines backward. Click on points of interest along timeline for additional information.

Code: Jacob Purdy Timeline - Blue dots with a light blue bar expansion identify house owners over past two hundred eighty years while red dots indicate events of historical importance. White Plains Timeline - Lime green dots with a light blue bar expansion represent moments of historical interest. During battle expansions, red dots identify patriot- related events to parallel Jacob Purdy House coding, while dark green dots represent British Troop movements. Yellow vertical bars highlight the beginnings and endings of timeline expansions. All data balloons contain an image, usually either a photograph of Railroad Avenue taken around 1868 for the White Plains Timeline or a picture of the Jacob Purdy house for the Jacob Purdy Timeline. However dots with black or yellow centers reference a picture more specific to the given information.

Timeline Explanation: The timelines are divided into decade segments except at moments of historical expansion when futher delineation into years, months, etc. appears. The first and fourth timelines respectively consolidate information in the second and third timelines, as well as highlight title expansions. The middle timelines operate synchronously except during periods when greater expansion detail for one timeline, as for White Plains' history during the Battle of White Plains, is needed. All corresponding timeline dates align at the exhibit's mid-point.

Source: It Happened in Old White Plains by Rhenoda Hoffman, former White Plains Historian. MIT SIMILE Timeline licensed under creativecommons agreement.