Revolutionary War Secrets: Jacob Purdy House Document Discoveries
Field Inspector's Dress Parade Orders-3
White Plains Historical Society

then the and then then ( and soon when display-
ing from ---------- then Center of Column formed
by the left, the 2.nd Division begins the fire (GC,GC)
When displaying from the Center of a (Column)
formed by the Right of two Battalions, the (1st) Divisions
of the 2nd Battalion (making) the head begins the (fire)
the division of the ( Battalion begins the (fire)
of that Battalion, & so on to the left of the (2nd)
And to the Right of the ist Battalion. Each division
firing as it arrives on its own ground ----------
When a Battalion is form(ed) and Marching on
front toward the Enemy, the (firing) advance
(illegible) and in the following manner, (illegible)
(?the) Battalion advancing with the usual
(illegible) and is given to fire by platoons advance
(illegible) which the (Officer) commanding the first
(Platoon) advances his platoon with a Quick
Step (illegible) halts & fires. The Eighth platoon
(illegible) same manner and so on with (illegible)

Photocopy taken from xeroxed materials in the Jacob Purdy House application for the National Register of Historic Places. Uncertain words or letters placed in parentheses. Order of documents 2 and 3 unclear. Pages are possibly missing.