A 19th Century Correspondence of Friendship and Family
A Letter from Susan Knapp to her Cousin Maria Rogers
Bedford Historical Society

and were detained so long that we were obliged to return and set out
for home it was my intention to have returned with Edgar but was overper-
suaded to stay the week after left there in company with Mr &
Mrs Fitch and Augusta Thorne on our way down we had a view of the
Cohoes falls and the Canals we passed the junction of the two and saw
the boats pass the Locks we intended going from Schenectady to Albany
on the Canal but as that is the most tedious part of the Canal we
were persuaded not to go owing to the frequent locks and when we
saw how very slow they passed the locks and how very uneven it appear
ed on board we were perfectly satisfied with a land conveyance
but my pleasures were interrupted by the reception of Julia Ann's letter
at Saratoga Post Office informing me of Grandmama's situation.
that, with her being at our house made me feel very anxious to be home.
a Lady and a gentleman of my acquaintance were going to New York the
next day and I made up my mind to accompany them. at Mr
Weeds I heard of her death although we have been expecting it a long time
I was very much shocked I left her so comfortable and did not dream
but that I should find her so it would have been gratification to me
to have seen her once more, and assisted in administering to her wants
and in the last offices required I cannot realize that she is no more
but she had passed that bourne from whence no traveler returns, and
"why should we mourn departed friends" when departing in unshaken
faith if a blissful immortality, but rather let us prepare to meet her
in the realm of glory never more to separate. Aunt Bertram died
five days after Grandmama they were scarcely divided in their
Comment: Julia Ann was Susan's sister. See Family Tree
(ill.) represents an illegible word. Uncertain words placed in parantheses. The red discoloration looks like sealing wax.