A 19th Century Correspondence of Friendship and Family
A Letter from Benjamin Isaacs to his Niece Maria Rogers
Bedford Historical Society
Albany Feby 23 1818
Dear Niece,
Mr. Mead called and spent the evening
with me and delivered your letter -- business of a private
and public nature has to much engaged my attention
that I have been almost constrained to neglect my Family
and you have much obliged me by writing I am
pleased to hear that the Boys are attentive the extreme
cold weather of last week being one degree colder here
than it has been in twenty years before excited in me
some uneasiness that the cattle might suffer but it
would be doing Mary yourself & the Boys injustice to
harbour any distress or any fears excepting those which
arise from unavoidable Misfortunes and as these can
not be avoided at home or abroad I can soon dispense
with them--My journey here was not uncomfortable
I joined Messrs Barker & Bequoy at Peekskill we rode from
thense to Poughkeepsie in a Coachee but it being fine sleighing
we hired a Sleigh there and came here very easy on Monday
evening -- the sleighing here has been very fine ever since
but we do not use it and it seems you cannot ----
my health has been as usual and I have great reason
to be thankful for so long an ininterrupted enjoyment
of this important blessing-------
Comment: Benjamin Isaacs was Maria's uncle. See Family Tree.