A 19th Century Correspondence of Friendship and Family
A Letter from Benjamin Isaacs to his Niece Maria Rogers
Bedford Historical Society

I have no faith that your Grandfather will purchase
any lands for your Father his conduct for years has been
unaccountable he is prodigal in promises but very
parsimonious called on to perform --
Doctr Flemmings appearance with his Bride must have
excited much conversation I fear his Children will
proceed to far --
I am pleased to hear that our Friends and Relatives are
generally well you will remember me to them
(severally) as you see them practicularly to my own
Household -- I am very affectionately yours --
Benj Isaacs

I hope the Boys will have (Hay) enough and that
Robertsons Stove kept him from freesing we
have now it is said about 18 inches Snow I wish
you had some of it -- it snowed almost all day on
Sunday and again today --- B. I. --
Feby 24th

Comment: Uncertain words in parantheses.