A 19th Century Correspondence of Friendship and Family
A Letter from Susan Knapp to her Cousin Maria Rogers
Bedford Historical Society
Greenwich Sept 17th

My dear Cousin,

After an absence of 8 weeks I arrived home on
the 1st of this Month, and after so long a silence it is with peculiar
pleasure I once more am permitted to write to my dear Cousin M.
It would be quite unnecessary for me to tell you that my jaunt
was a pleasant one, that you might conclude was the case by my
long stay, but it was none too long, our party was pleasant and
every thing done by our friends there to make it agreeable and pro-
long our stay, we spent more then six weeks with them, and I think
we can say that time never passed more comfortably or pleasantly.
We spent a few days in Albany on our way up at Mr. Weeds and
then went on to Uncle Fitch's 2 Miles and 1/2 beyond the Springs
our ride easily was at the Springs the Village is pleasant and
much larger then I expected it is yet quite small but is increas-
ing very fast we formed some new acquaintances the Miss Fitches
acquaintances are limited the Society small. Cousin E. Thorne returned
from the falls by Saratoga himself and Sister Mr. J. Fitch and
wife, Miss Fitch and myself took a ride out to Lake George 30 miles
from Saratoga, we stopped a short time at Glens Falls which I think
is a great curiosity we spent one night at the Lake and took
a short sail out, was caught in a shower and landed on Tea Island

Comment: Susan likely wrote the letter in 1824 as Susan's Grandmother, Sarah Scudder Bush, died in August, 1824.