Of Portraits, Porcelain, and Places
Glimpses of Maria Rogers' Life Beyond her Letters
Bedford Historical Society
The Bedford house where Maria lived with her uncle, Benjamin Isaacs, a few years after the death of his wife, Sarah Holley, in 1810. Maria and her husband, Joseph Ambler, may have continued to reside in the house with her uncle after their marriage in 1827. However, Benjamin Isaacs' final will dated December 8th, 1832 stipulated that his property was to be sold as necessary upon his death to settle his debts, ruling out the possibility that Maria would inherit the house. Maria instead received one thousand dollars from Benjamin Isaacs' estate.
In abidance with the will, the executors, Benjamin Knapp of New York and Benjamin Isaacs of Norwalk, placed the house for sale at public auction after the uncle's death in 1834. On June 15th, 1837, Maria's husband, as the highest bidder, purchased the house with four acres and a separate fourteen acre parcel for three thousand ninety dollars.
Property View in about 1900

Maria and Joseph raised two of their three children, Sarah and Benjamin, in the house. The third child, Joseph, died shortly after birth. Sarah, born out-of-wedlock in 1826, lived until age twenty-four, while Benjamin, about three years younger than Sarah, lived until 1906. As of 1880, the federal census indicates that Benjamin and his wife resided with Maria in the Bedford house.