Of Portraits, Porcelain, and Places
Glimpses of Maria Rogers' Life Beyond her Letters
Bedford Historical Society
Early nineteenth century painting of Benjamin Isaacs, Maria Rogers' cousin, a judge in Norwalk and executor of the estate of the Honorable Benjamin Isaacs of Bedford after the uncle's death in 1834. The transactions for the uncle's estate occurred over nearly fifteen years. Benjamin Isaacs died before the final recorded estate settlement in 1849.

Susan Knapp's letters cite the name "Benjamin Isaacs." The relative to whom Susan referred is unclear at times.

The portrait hangs at the St. John's Lodge No. 6 in Norwalk, Connecticut, a mason lodge which Captain Benjamin Isaacs, the grandfather of Maria, Susan, and Benjamin, founded.
Nineteenth century picture of the Norwalk, Connecticut house where Captain Benjamin and Sarah Isaacs lived. On Captain Isaacs' death in 1775, his son, Isaac Isaacs, inherited the house. The house thereafter passed to Benjamin Isaacs, the eldest son of Isaac Isaacs.