Of Portraits, Porcelain, and Places
Glimpses of Maria Rogers' Life Beyond her Letters
Bedford Historical Society
The Greenwich, Connecticut residence of Maria's grandmother, Sarah Scudder Isaacs Bush, following her second marriage in 1777 to her former brother-in-law, David Bush. Sarah's bedroom looked onto the successful Bush family grist mill across the street.

Sarah Bush died in 1824. A section of Sarah's estate inventory intimates the comfort offered the elderly woman by her wealth. Notable are the references to rich fabrics, such as silk, velvet, and satin, and to numerous dresses, gowns, and shawls, items which were still relatively expensive in America at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.
Maria Rogers' cousin, Susan Knapp, described the circumstances under which she learned of her grandmother's death while enroute to Saratoga Springs, New York in a letter written to Maria in September 1824. Susan's language implies that Maria already knew of the death and that both shared similar beareavement etiquette values.

The letter highlights Susan's anguish over whether to continue her trip after learning that her grandmother was ill at the Knapp home, a seeming social impropriety which caused Susan to write somewhat defensively, "At Mr. Weeds I heard of her death although we have been expecting it a long time I was very much shocked I left her so comfortable and did not dream that I should find her so it would have been gratification to me to have seen her once more, and assisted in administering to her wants and in the last offices."