An Educational Website
where EACH individual, business, and location
has a history worth remembering.
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Encounter America's Community History brings together some of the many stories about the nation's past which
communities wish to share with others through exhibits, collections, short scholarly research papers, and historical
places in the possession of towns, cities, organizations, businesses, and individuals. Meant as an educational and
promotional resource for public history the website evolved out of a Spring 2008 internship for a Master of Arts
degree in Public History at the State University of Albany by then graduate student Carol Robinson. Website formally
posted April 8, 2009 with professional motto:
EACH individual, business, and location has a history worth remembering.

Website Navigation, Browser Compatibility, Webpage Specifications, Contributors

Drop-Down Menu - provides access to EACH Home and all Communities throughout the Website.

EACH Home links to the website's opening page.

About Website briefly explains the website's intent, navigation system, browser compatibility, webpage
specifications, and contributors.

Collections and Archive identifies links to collections posted on EACH and archived website materials.

Communities and New Exhibits expands through a Javascript based rollover mechanism to identify the
names of EACH associated businesses or individuals with a link to a page of professional introduction.
The menu extension attached to the name offers immediate entry to the organization's web displays.
While in the participant's exhibit section, the menu further expands to specific topics. If Javascript is not
enabled or the menu fails to expand, the section connects to a page with links to EACH communities for

Gold Words - gold highlighted words transfer inside or outside the website to further relevant data.

On the EACH website main pages and in an organization's website area, gold links located in the upper
the upper left corner connect to sectional information.

Browser Compatibility:
Website checked for visual and technical compatibility with IE 6-8, FF 2.0-3.6, Safari 2.0, and Opera 9.0.

Webpage Specifications:
Webpages are nonfluid with almost all set to and fully visible on a 960px wide monitor. Image distortion
occurs at zoom resolutions above or below one hundred percent or on a monitor set greater than 960px.
The website is visually rich with many webpages containing large pictures. Downloads could be slow,
especially if the internet connection is through a telephone line. The dropdown menu requires Javascript
to be enabled. Some pages require Flash.

The following individuals freely offered advice and technical skills
Primary Consultant:
Peter Ohring - Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science/New Media at
Purchase College, Purchase, NY

Mike Enright - Digital Media Consultant
Deborah Krikun - Professor of Digital Design, Westchester Community College
Amy Murrell-Taylor - Associate Professor of History, State University at Albany, Albany, NY
Ivan Steen - Associate Professor of History, Director of the Public History Program,
State University at Albany, Albany, NY
Gerald Zahavi - Professor of History, Director of the Documentary Studies Program,
State University at Albany, Albany, NY

Sharon Andrus - Electronic Specialist, Historian
Yan Koyfman - Photographer, Computer Scientist at IBM
Elaine Massena - Archivist, City of White Plains, White Plains, N.Y.
David Palmquist - Office of Chartering, New York State, NY
Carol Robinson - Website Developer, Historian, Contact:
Theresa Sesil - Educator, Yonkers, NY
Anne Young - Curator of Archives, Greenwich Historical Society, Greenwich, Conn.
Emily Zucker - Former Curator, Bedford Historical Society, Bedford, N.Y.